Tuesday, November 27, 2007

print paper book final!

just starting to work on my final intro to print paper book final...
so far my idea is very broad, 
all i know is that i want it to be about me, what i do and how i view objects that are a good representation of who i am.
it will be a series of approx. 5 screen prints. 3-color (this part will be pretty important for me, so far in the class i've had a difficult time limiting my color pallet and still attempting to make my projects successful so i will keep trying for my final)
and they will be bound together in some type of book, showing each color standing alone, and a final image, along with some sketches and process work included some how?...
super broad, like i said.. 
i've got the class tomorrow and hope to get feedback from the instructor and will possibly have some sketches and a little tighter of an idea?

psst, i watched the helvetica documentary tonight and it was awesome... it raised tons of thoughts about helvetica as well as design in general. design is subjective and contradicts itself...
my thoughts about helvetica after the film...

helvetica is beautiful, 
helvetica is ugly,
helvetica is amazing,
helvetica is boring and dull, 
helvetica is over used, 
helvetica is the only typeface needed, anywhere, ever again... 
i love it,
i hate it.

i can't explain helvetica in a better way than its described in the film...

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