Saturday, November 10, 2007

type specimen part II

wham! so here is the flip side to the type specimen poster. it must be black/white, more specifically it must be greyscale.. its still being worked on.... i still have some copy to add, but its coming along quite swimmingly i think, i'm breaking some rules tho, it is supposed to only have type, and as you can see i have cropped images of my umbrella and black boxes... but its cool cause i'm a rule breaker, thats what makes good designers... or somethin?? so thats that... its due on monday at 1.. and i had planned on screenprinting both sides, but do to time constraints it might not make the cut of important things to do... but maybe i'll get it done for the process book thats due at the end of the semester...

sooo, thats what i'm workin on... whats new in my life?
new episode of be a design cast came out today...
so thats cool and exciting... other than that, not much is new in justin's world..
for now!---- farewell_

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