Thursday, November 8, 2007

type specimen

so, here is my first screenshot. i'm in illustration class righ now and we are having a work day so i'm working on my type specimen poster for type 1. the assignment is to choose an existing typeface and make up a type foundry and display this typeface on a mail-out poster. this is the decorative/ poster side. the umbrella on the right is a preliminary idea, and the one on the left is what it has evolved into. the other side of the poster has to contain all of the important info and all of the characters found in the type family and stuff... it will prolly be done sometime tomorrow??

what else is goin on in my life?
not a whole lot... i'm really busy with school and after not having much homework due this week and slacking off a little bit, next week is shaping up to be an ass kicker... so that should be fun ;)...

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